Flameback Angelfish(Centropyge Acanthops)


The Flameback angelfish,also known as the African Pygmy Angelfish/orangeback angel fish,

Has  a Striking Contrasts of Blue and Orange-yellow colours .While the body is Predominately blue ,

there is a broad and bright orange to yellow swatch from the head along the back to the tip of the dorsal fin.

The caudal fin is yellow and somewhat transparent,which distinguishes it from the fireball angelfish found in Brazil


The flameback Angelfish requires a minimum of a 55-gallon tank with lots of hiding places and live rock for grazing

On Occasion this fish may nip at SPS and some species of polyps corals in the reef aquarium.


The diet of Flameback angel should include spirulina,Marine Algea,Mysis or frozen shrimp and any other meaty foods.


Found in Africa and Maldives

Available at Kenya Tropical Sealife 


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